The Misery Harvest

by Osmium

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Zhakathoom thumbnail
Zhakathoom Like mentioned before there's more than a sprinkle of Alice in chains flavoring here. And there's nothing wrong with that really. Especially since I feel a lot of that flavor stems from the sound of the vocalist. It really brings me down memory Lane.

And preplexingly the very same vocal track is my main gripe with Osmium: I think the vocals are a bit on the faint side of the general instrumental soundlevel. Thus they sort of downplay a bit one of their strongest assets. Don't get me wrong: the musicianship amongst the instrumental section is also great, but I feel the awesomesauce could be better blended.
Rhett Huebschmann
Rhett Huebschmann thumbnail
Rhett Huebschmann The cover is like Cabbage Patch Kids in Hell, being gardened by the Dark Lord, himself. Inside, it's like Alice in Chains with a few elements of thrash and sludge thrown in. These guys cauterize your eardrums, and you enjoy every second of it.
Scumbag thumbnail
Scumbag As with many modern metal bands Osmium offer up a sonic collage of elements borrowed from several different genres and subgenres of metal and hard rock. Doom, stoner, prog, power, math and grunge are all seeds used to sow The Misery Harvest and I for one am happy to reap the sonic rewards!
If I was to cite what I believe to be the most clearly influencial band on this album's sound, though, I would say Alice In Chains. How can you go wrong? You can't, so check it out already! Favorite track: Flesh & Bones.
Glenn thumbnail
Glenn Awesomeness from the deep south of New Zealand, channeling a little bit of Alice In Chains. Can't go wrong.
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released January 6, 2012

Produced by Daniel Rodgers & Osmium.
Additional engineering by Mike Holland.

All music written, arranged & performed by Osmium except:

Lead Guitar on Ruin by Daniel Rodgers
Guest Vocals on Ruin by Mike Mitchell
Guest Vocals on Human by Matt Sheppard
Organ & Synth on Flesh & Bones by Logan Hampton

Cover art and work on group photo by Vance Kelly.
Photos by John Needham
Layout by Alana Moffatt.



all rights reserved


Osmium Dunedin, New Zealand

Wielding the riff sword in the name of groove.

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Track Name: Human
On this I can depend,
Your treachery knows no end,

We are just a plague,
Ignoring what we’ve made,
Nothing left to save,

Betrayel is the trend,
You follow till the bitter end,

There is no hope,
And nothing to gain,
Eradication is our only chance,
Of redemption.
Track Name: Flesh & Bones
You search for answers,
You seek the truth,
You need a reason,
Just to be you,
You speak in riddles,
You are the same,

Flesh and bones,
It’s all we are,
Flesh and bones,
It’s all we’ll ever be

Its all we do,
We live and we die,
Stop asking questions,
Cause you will never know why,
It’s all we do,
We were born to die,
It’s how you use,
Your waiting time,

Its just the truth
Track Name: Ruin
You are not to blame,
It’s not your shame,
Don’t be afraid,
You don’t have to lie in this bed that he’s made,

You unleash hell,
Upon an innocent mind,
Inheriting nothing but pain,

After all is said,
I don’t wish you dead,
But to live forever,
With the burden,
After all is said,
I don’t wish you dead,
But to suffer eternal,
With the burden,

You destroy trust,
Bond between father and child,
Forever descending,
You pass on the cancerous seed,

For her ruin.
Track Name: Forever Damned
Forever, Damned to misery,
I can’t deny my destiny,

Some say,
Some say,
But I wouldn’t have it any other way,

Forever, Cursed eternally,
Burdened by the hurt I see in you.
Track Name: The Dark Poet
Misery was the price that he payed,
Telling the truth in this world that you’ve made,
Poetry were the words that he said,
Telling the world everything that they feared,

Agony was the world that he walked through,
He try to change it but the people just laughed,
Tragedy he was born to suffer,
Betrayed in a world where he died alone,

He preached to the world,
But everyone laughed,
He tried to save us but it’s too late.
Track Name: Better Off Dead
Can’t find your way out,
There’s nothing left but doubt,
Feel the deepening void,
Your confidence destroyed,
Riddled with a weakness,
Like cancer in your bones,
Gave everything you had,
Cause you believed in the cause,
You couldn’t have been more wrong,

The vultures circle over head,
And you feel you’re better off dead,
Everything you gave,
No soul left to save,

Have faith in yourself,
No one else,
Be true to yourself,
Nothing else.
Track Name: Calloused & Cold
You fulfill your ritual again,
You thrive on my torturing again,

You are just bones and blood and skin,
You are just calloused and cold within,
You are the cancer of this world,
You are worthless,

You sustain my suffering again,
You conclude your sacrament again.
Track Name: Empty Bottles
Your morals float away like piss in the wind,
As you’re waiting for the drugs to kick in,

I find it hard to understand,
All this suffering caused by your own hand,
The poison’s in the damage done,
It’s to late to turn and run,

I see you falling into ashes and dust,
And now you’re losing everyone that you trust,
So now the devil has planted his seed,
And you are proud that from the tongue you will bleed
Track Name: Forsaken City
Facing certain doom,
Deepest hatred bloom,
Blackened river rise,
Crippling slow demise,

Idle hands defile,
Crawling endless mile,
Drowning deep in dread,
Where demons fear to tread,

Hands of discontent, sew the seeds,
The crop fights violently, for life,
Neglected fruit, ripen till rotten,
Twisted vine, drag me down,

Desertion running rife,
Draining all of life,
Sorrow painted skies,
Forsaken city dies